Welcome to our Dealer F.A.Q. section!  For your convenience, we have broken down FAQ’s into two sections general FAQs, and Credit Underwriting and Funding FAQs.

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Is AFS signing up new dealers?

Yes. AFS is signing up both Franchise and Independent dealers. Please click here to learn more about signing up to become an AFS Dealer Partner and obtain our dealer application and agreement.

What is the sign up process and how long does it take?

Independent Dealers: It takes approximately 48 hours to sign up if all of the documentation requested on the dealer application checklist is received. Please note that references are checked and as a result, some applications may take longer to process if references cannot be reached. After approval, the signed dealer agreement must be mailed to the address below.

Franchise Dealers: Franchise dealers take approximately 24 hours to set up once a completed dealer application and the supporting paperwork have been received as listed on the dealer application checklist. After the signup is complete, all franchise dealers are required to send in their original signed dealer application and agreement via mail to the address below.

AFS Acceptance LLC
Attention: Dealer Services Department
1475 W. Cypress Creek Road, Suite 300
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

How can I obtain a payoff for one of AFS’ customers?

Please call our Account Services Department toll free at (877) 576-2265 or email us at CustomerService@afsacceptance.com to obtain a payoff for one of our customers.

What states does AFS do business in?

AFS is currently doing business in 29 states. Please click here to see the markets we currently serve.

Is AFS part of the DealerTrack network?

Yes. AFS currently works with DealerTrack to accept applications from Franchise and Independent Dealers. Please be advised that Independent dealers must become approved as a Dealer Partner in order to be added to our list of dealers through DealerTrack.

What is the best way to contact someone at AFS?

AFS has several departments. Please click here to view our contact information according to our departments.